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Welcome to Brilho Enterprises

Business Description: Brilho Enterprises(Pty) Ltd  manufactures and distributes a new range of branded household cleaners and laundry products that are extremely effective and cost-effective. All brilho products are non-poisonous and bio-degradable. Not only are brilho products superior in performance, they also offer additional valuable properties to the consumer.

Competition: Whilst very innovative and suitably priced, our products are confronting and challenging established brands from multi-national companies that have the capacity to price us out of the market. To counteract this possibility, we will endear our brand in the hearts of our market by empowering every individual associated with our brand, hence our preferred distribution channel. Our products also possess the advantage of superior and additional efficacies and eco-friendliness not found in our competitor's products. With brilho, It's time to shine!